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Co-Working Space

Our coworking space is located in a prime location,  building is equipped with high-speed internet, modern furniture, and natural lighting to ensure a productive work environment.

We offer a variety of membership plans to fit the different needs of our members. Our daily passes allow members to use our space for a day, while our monthly plans offer more flexibility and access to additional amenities, such as private meeting rooms and event spaces.

In addition to the physical space, we offer various community-building events and programs, including workshops, networking events, and educational programs. Our community is a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals who are dedicated to supporting and inspiring each other.

As a member of our coworking space, you will have access to our online platform, which allows you to connect with other members, book meeting rooms, and stay updated on events and news.

Finally, our space offers a unique opportunity for members to collaborate and develop innovative ideas. By sharing a workspace, our members can exchange ideas, learn from each other, and potentially create new business opportunities.

We believe that our coworking space is the ideal environment for entrepreneurs and remote workers who are looking for a flexible, supportive, and affordable workspace. We welcome you to come and visit our space, meet our community, and join us on this exciting journey.

Why Choose Atlas Digitals Co-working Space

Time Flexible


you can try our desks for one day and you can also try one month membership

Full Access


once you got an Atlas Digitals membership, you will have the access to all the co-working space amenities ( meeting room, studio, kitchen, rest space ... etc ) 

Growth Community


Got the Chance to establish your network inside Atlas Digitals and meet people from different backgrounds ( startup founders, freelancers, managers, graphic designers ... etc )

Virtual Office
  • this is suitable for business owners who aim to get only a business address and delivery address.

  • low and competitive prices.

  • benefit from 5 hours per month access to the meeting room.

  • business address at the center of Blida.

  • free use of the office space.

  • get at minimum 6 months contract.

Monthly Subscription
  • you can choose from a 1 to 12 renewable months subscription

  • include access to the kitchen, rest space, meeting room, and whole co-working space.

  • parking and terrasse access.

  • available all days of the week except friday.

  • full day (8am - 5pm).

  • well equipped desk. 

  • co-working desk + business address available. 

Daily Subscription
  • you can choose wether a half day or a full day

  • include access to the kitchen, rest space, and whole co-working space.

  • parking and terrasse access.

  • available all days of the week .

  • full day (8am - 5pm).

  • well equipped desk.

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